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Navigating The Stages of Menopause With Strength & Grace Day Retreat

Let us empower & inspire you with a weekend of education, support, nutritious food, energising & relaxing yoga & pilates.
Navigating The Stages of Menopause With Strength & Grace Day Retreat

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About The Event

They say 2 things in life are certain death &  taxes. Well for women its 3 things: death, taxes and the menopause!

All women go through the menopause, the timing may vary but it is inevitable. Some lucky ones sail through it whilst others have every symptom in the book, most are somewhere inbetween. Even if you have no synptoms your body will undergo changes, there is a reason generations past referred to the menopause as "the change". In the past the menopause was a bit of taboo subject, fortunatley this is changing and compared to 30 years ago when i first started peri menopause in my early 30s there is a lot more knowledge, help & support available. Knowing what to expect and what you can do to to prevent, minimise or relieve symptoms can make this stage of life much less daunting. Our aim during this retreat is to offer a safe environment where we can provide support, guidance, knowledge and the tools to navigate the satges of menopause with strength and grace. 

Through a carefully designed series of classes and workshops we cover symptoms, nutrition, options for symtom relief and how you can incorpate yoga and pilates into your life to help ease some symptoms and to keep you strong and healthy in mind and body.